Friday, August 23, 2013

she was unwilling, but God.....

Do you have an autobiography? Here is the one God gave to me today…..
“She (meaning me) was unwilling, but God………”
This is my 5-word autobiography. There is a story behind this, which is what an autobiography is all about, right? (I’ll save that part of my story for later!) No matter who you are, you have an autobiography. Think about it and leave a comment! I’d love to read YOUR autobiography!
I get an artist’s newsletter from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, via e-mail. She is the one that stirred these thoughts in my soul this morning. God truly works in mysterious ways! It inspired me to create this blog. I hope and pray it is a blessing to all who may happen by to read.
You can read the post by Julie that stirred me into action today, here.

Photo Credits:
“Carefree – Color Play 12″ bundle by Cilenia Curtis at Scrap Art Studio found here
Font is Second Grader


  1. What a neat idea. "My bottom line is 'Yes'" would likely be mine. And, like yours, there is a story behind it.

    Lovely scrap. Your brushwork is really perfect.

    1. No brushwork by me! All in the papers! :D Thanks, Susan!