Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blog Train Freebie for You!

All aboard the August Blog Train brought to you by a few of the Half-Baked Girls at Brownie Scraps! How many times do we as scrappers forget about doing pages for ourselves? ALL of the TIME! RIGHT! Well, we wanted to help take care of that problem! So, in continuing with our theme of Book of Me (You, that is, LOL!) the August train will pick up your memories of your family! So, hop on and enjoy the ride!

Special Reminder.......The links to the downloads are only valid for 7 days, August 1-7! On the 8th, the download links will no longer work and the freebies will be removed and packaged for sale with proceeds going to charity!

OK, Let's get to those freebies! Remember, there might be time differences, so please keep checking if you don't have any luck the first time around!

Click on the preview for my portion. The other girls' links are below the preview! Don't forget to leave everyone some love! We appreciate it!
*****Link is Expired*****

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