Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Sale! 50% Off

I'm not very motivated to do any designing lately, but I do have a sale for you!  The sale will go from now through July 4th.  You will be able to go to each product in the store by clicking on the preview!  Enjoy the sale!  And thanks so much for stopping by Today!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not Much To Do About Nothing.............

Well, I'm in a designing inspiration...............nothing happening!  I guess we all get that way at times.  I've even purchased new scrapbooking magazines to "stir the emotions!"  Nothing happened!  {sigh}  I haven't even been doing any scrapbooking!  I am MONTHS behind on my 365 project, too!  {sigh}  I haven't even been taking pictures every day!  {sigh}  That is bad, especially considering I'm known by some members in my family as the "crazy camera lady!"  {sigh}  I'm looking for a miracle within the week for some BURST of energetic inspiration since the new month is looming on the horizon!  I pray it comes!

Though I haven't been inspired to do any digital designing work, I have been inspired by some crochet patterns I found free on the internet!  My dad used to say, "If it's free, it's for me!"  And since I am not working, I have really adopted that philosophy!  I have a new granddaughter and will have another grandson arriving in November, so I've been surfing the web for free sewing/knitting/crocheting patterns.  I have found several of each that I will be working on in the near future...........I have to begin soon because I'm bad about waiting too long on these types of projects!  Anyway, I did stay up all night on Thursday to finish this little set for my granddaughter!  I found a dress pattern and tweaked it a bit to make a little summer outfit.  The top on the pattern was solid, so I decided to open it up a bit and added the little flower button.  Then I searched the web for a pair of bloomers to go underneath.  The pattern was for some "soakers" that I changed a bit to give the ruffle to the legs.  I will probably tweak it some more because I don't like the joining seam in the very front.  Then I found a headband and some sandals and Voila!  I have a cute little summer outfit for our new little Abigail!  I used the kit I created in her honor, "Abigail."  You can find it in the store by clicking on the layout!  So, while I haven't been digitally motivated, it hasn't all been a loss!  :)

Thanks for stopping by Today!  And if you have some "inspiring" ideas, please leave me a comment!  I'd like to follow up on them!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Black Widows and a Freebie

Hey, there!  DH and I took a couple of days off and are out of town.  But, we are relaxing in the hotel and watching "The Dark Knight" Batman movie.  I forgot how CRAZY the Joker was in this movie!  Anyway, I decided to share something with you during the commercials.

Last week, my DH was working outside and found this scary little beauty near our recycle bin.  I'm glad it was him that found it and not me.........or worse yet, our grandchildren who had just left!  I didn't have a kit to go with it, so I created a few things to make this page with.  And since I don't have any plans for it, its yours if you want it.  You can click on the layout to download it!  Everything you see in the layout is in the mini kit.  Hope you can do something with it!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 9

OK, this completes the 5 x 7 brag book pages from the kit, "Life is Good at the Beach!"  I've got this kit on sale at the introductory price of $3.50.  It is a HUGE kit!  Click on the preview below for the download.  ENJOY!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 9, New Product

"The Main Man" is a featured kit for one of the hybrid challenges at Faith Sisters this month.  So, to help you out with the challenge, I have put the kit on sale 50% for the month................except this week the kit is $2 since we are coming up to Father's Day!  This is such a good deal!  Plus, if you buy the kit and participate in the challenge you get the hybrid projects for free!  Check out the challenge HERE.

But, if you really don't want to participate in the challenge, you can get the hybrid projects created so far for really cheap AND they are especially suited for Father's Day!  Just click on the previews to get them in the store for $1 each!

One more day after today for the brag book downloads!   Then I will put them in the store, so if you have missed them, I will have them on sale for pretty cheap through the rest of the month for you!  Remember, 24 hours to download then the link is deleted.  Click on the preview below and Enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 8, Special Sale Item, New Product

That is a LOADED title!  But, it is good news for you!  I have been busy today putting toys and blankets back where they belong and washing towels from my wonderful visitors of the weekend!  Grandkids and daughters are WONDERFUL blessings!  And because I was busy, I didn't get your freebie up like I said I would on Sunday!  I hope that you will forgive me! :)

So, before I show you the freebie for today, I want to introduce a new kit with a patriotic theme.  Next month, America will celebrate her birthday on July 4th...........and that is what this new kit is all about!  Here is the preview.  I am putting it on sale for $2 for the rest of this month and through July 5th.  An early holiday celebration from me to you!  :D  Just click on the preview to go to the store and buy it!

With Father's Day just around the corner, I am placing the kit, "The Main Man" on sale for $2.00.  Lots of rich colors and extracted items for your manly pages!  Click on the preview to get it in the store.

And, last but not least, your freebie for today!  Click on the preview for the download.  Remember, the link will be active for 24 hours only!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day of Rest

Just a note to say............this is my day of rest that I am gladly claiming today!  My cup runneth over of grandmotherly love after having my 2 daughters and their children here this weekend!  The time with them was short but sweet!  It will, for the most part, hold me til we gather at the end of July!

I'll be back tomorrow with some more freebies for you!  I'll be having an item up for sale this week and I'll introduce a new kit!

Til then.........thanks for stopping by Today!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 7

Quick and's today's freebie for you.  Click on the preview for the download.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  My girls have come to visit, so I'll be busy with grandbabies all weekend!  :D

The link will be valid for 24 hours.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 6

You have received half of the brag book pages!  Sure hope you will enjoy them!  If you would like to add even more elements to the pages, you can get the kit this month for $3.50!  Here's the list of everything that is in the kit and the preview is below the list.  You can click on the preview to go to the shop to get the kit.  Below the preview will be your freebie for today!  The link is available for 24 hours.  As always, thanks for stopping by Today!

"Life is Good at the Beach" contents:
30 papers
2 air mattresses
1 extracted beach bag
1 beach ball
5 borders
2 bows
4 brads
3 bubble elements
2 butterflies
4 buttons
3 chain elements
2 beach chairs
7 charm elements
1 extracted coral
1 crab
1 dolphin
3 fish
1 pair of flip flops
1 float
4 flourish elements
6 flowers (3 extracted)
1 folded towel
5 frames
goggles in 2 colors
3 journal elements
2 leaf elements (1 extracted)
3 net elements
1 pail
1 palm tree
6 ribbons
3 ric rac
1 sail boat
3 kids on sand groupings
2 seagulls
3 sea weed
8 extracted shells
1 shovel
snorkel tube in 2 colors
2 suns
swim fins in 2 colors
10 tags in lots of sizes
2 umbrella elements
3 wave elements

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 5

Hope you are enjoying these brag book pages.  Remember, the links are only available for 24 hours, so grab them quickly!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 4

Take a hybrid challenge and receive this project for free (see THIS forum thread) - or if you don't want to wait, click on the image to get it for $1 this month til the 20th:

The Main Man kit is on sale this month for 50% off, too!  Click on the preview to go to the product in the store.

Now for today's freebie.  Click on the preview to get the download.  It will only be available today!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 3

I think I must be tired tonight!  My brain doesn't want to function properly, LOL!  So, while I'm still just barely coherent, I'll post this free brag page I have for you!  Just click on the image to download.

And, while I'm thinking about will only be available today!

Thanks so much for stopping by Today!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page - Day 2

Here's another free quick page made from my Life is Good at the Beach.  I will leave it live for download til 12 midnight.  Enjoy!  Just click on the preview to download.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free 5x7 Brag Book Page

I created some brag book pages using my new kit, Life is Good at the Beach, which is on sale for $3.50 through the month of June.  They are 5x7" @ 300 ppi in PNG format.  You should be able to just click on the image to download it immediately.  It will be available today and tomorrow only since I got it up late today.  I will post some more through the week.

Thanks for stopping by TODAY and have a blessed day!  (Link Expired)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Preview of "Life is Good at the Beach"

I want to share some layouts with you made by a member of our store CT, Michele (Creatively Obsessed).  She did a fantastic job of showing some ways the kit can be used.  Thanks, Michele!  Fantastic Job!  Appreciate how you showed off the kit!

I have the kit at an introductory price of $3.50 for the month of June.  Better grab it at this price!  With 30 papers and more than 100 unique elements, that is a steal!  Click on any layout to go to the product in the store.

Thanks for stopping by Today!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grab the FREE Template and Take the Challeng With Me!

Today I want to share the 2 challenges I host each month at Faith Sisters.  And I'm hoping to tempt you to try it with the FREE template packet that I offer every month to do the desktop calendar challenge with AND to let you see what the prize is for participating in the theme challenge.

First, the Desktop Calendar Challenge (click the preview to download the template packet).
I love creating a new Desktop Screen Saver every month!  You get your choice of calendar templates to work with as well as the template for the design of the desktop screen saver.  There are instructions included in the download in case you need help figuring out how to do this.  Trust me!  If I can do it, you can too!  So, I hope you will grab the template packet here and post your unique desktop to the gallery and then a copy of it in the forum to let me know you participated!  I know once you have done it, you will want to do it every month!  Click the preview for the download and keep reading for explanation of the other challenge.

 Here's how mine turned out using my new kit, Life is Good at the Beach.  It is on sale for 50% off this month, too!  Click the calendar to go to it in the store.  It is a STEAL of a good price!

The next challenge is a themed scraplift challenge.  This month you will be scraplifting one of my layouts and the theme is a/the man in your life.....I want you to tell me about him on your page.  Please remember to keep it family friendly!  :D

I have a different prize every month............just whatever happens to float my boat at the time, LOL!  This month I will be giving everyone who participates a coupon for $5 to my store.  So, I hope that is incentive enough to get you to participate!  When you participate, put your layout in the gallery and then post to the forum so I know you have participated.

Click on the ad to go to the forum thread.  Click on my layout to go to the gallery.  I sure hope to see your pages!  My page is another example of how you can use my new kit, Life is Good at the Beach, for something other than beach pictures!

 You can view the original layout to scraplift in the forum thread (by clicking on the ad above).  Here's my page.  Click on it to go to the gallery where you will post yours.

Thanks for stopping by Today!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NEW Month - NEW Product!

Well, like I mentioned in a post last week, I was having so much fun creating stuff for this kit that I knew I was going to have to just make myself QUIT!  Yep!  That's what happened!  I ended up with 127 element files!  WHEW!  You are gonna LOVE this kit!  It turned out really cute!  LOTS of goodies to work with on those beach pages!  But, there's enough stuff that you don't have to restrict using it to just beach pictures!  I'll show you examples tomorrow when I tell you about the new challenges for June that I am hostessing at Faith Sisters.  Click on the previews to go to the product in the store!

Thanks for stopping by Today!

 There are so many papers and elements that I put them on separate previews!

 These frames are not in the kit, but the elements surrounding them are.

Do these look familiar to you?  Hope you were able to grab them last week here on the blog!  If not, you can get them for $1!