Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flowers in my Art Journal

I tried something different with my art journal last night (Monday).  And, it turned out OK.

I laid down a flower stencil on both sides and stenciled with the green.  Next I used the cut-out part of a homemade stencil, laid it down in the center and stenciled the blue around it to get a "window" effect for the flowers.  Then I took a micron pen and drew in the flowers from the first stencil.  Then I painted them.  Next, I used the homemade stencil to outline around the "window" and painted a shadow around it.  Then I printed out the verse on a 4x6 index card, cut it apart, outlined each piece and glued them down.  I sprayed a gold glimmer mist over the whole thing.  That is what showing up as shiny in the photo.

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