Saturday, April 25, 2009

There's a Dummy in Our House!

He's a handsome guy, too! I'm talking about the dummy on the left of the picture below, lol! Joey arrived at our house today. This will be an interesting adventure, I'm sure!

I used my new kit, Sugar and Spice, to make the page.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Layout Using Sugar and Spice

A good friend of mine sent a layout she made using my new kit, Sugar and Spice. A beautiful picture from Amish country, around the Berlin, Sugarcreek area in Ohio! Thanks, A! Why don't you visit her blogs sometime:
Late Night Rantings of a Toddler Mom and Stinkerpot Scraps.

Sugar and Spice Layouts

Here are some Project 365 pages I have created using my new kit, Sugar and Spice. The theme for this kit is Baby Girl, but I don't have any baby girls (grands or otherwise) and I am finding that this kit is perfectly versatile! Hope you agree! Go to this POST to download the kit for free!

If you do use the kit, I would love to post your layout(s) here! Leave me a comment and I will let you know where to send a copy of your layout so I can get it posted here!

Enjoy the Free kit!

Fonts used: Bodoni BD BT and Bradley Hand

Fonts used: Bodoni BD BT and Bradley Hand

Fonts used: Arial Rounded and Bradley Hand

Fonts used: Broadway BT and Bradley Hand

Fonts used: Broadway BT and Bradley Hand

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sugar and Spice - FREEBIE for YOU!

Well, the assignment for the 4th week at Brownie Scraps had the following minimum requirement for our kits and we focused on the elements.

4 plain papers
4 patterned papers
1 frame
2 types of fasteners
2 ribbons
1 string
2 pieces of digital art
1 journal tag
1 button
1 type of stitching
2 word art

I had to get it done early this week because we start revival services tonight! YIKES! However, I believe this is my best kit yet! I hope you think so, too! Click on the preview to be taken to the download links!

As always, if you use the kit, I would love to see your layouts and post them here! All comments appreciated! ENJOY!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Love

Today, I am in awe that one of Digitals' designers actually used my kit to create a page! Joyce de Jonge is just an amazing designer! You need to check out her store at Digitals, HERE. You will agree! Her elements are just superb; they just knock my socks off!! Thank you, Joyce!

Here is her note she sent to me. She tweeked the morning glory element to fit her picture better.
"I downloaded your new kit and while doing so I read that you would love to use a LO on your blog. Well then...let me CT for you this time. It is a great kit and I had fun playing with it. I duplicated the flower elements in my layer palette and changed the blending mode of the upper one to multiply, to make it match the colors in the photo a bit more. You are free to use this LO."
Thanks again, my digi friend and I wanna' be like you when I grow up!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Love Layout to Share

One more post before retiring for the night. This is a page for my 365 project that I did using my newest kit, Family Love. It is free by clicking the preview a couple posts below.

Tropical Paradise Layout to Share

Here is a page a good friend of mine did using my kit, Tropical Paradise, that was the freebie for last week's training class! I love her page! The colors are perfect! Thanks, A, for using my kit!

Family Love - Freebie for You!

Well, this week's assignment was to create a theme kit. The theme was "Family." And we had to have 8 papers, 2 word art, 2 frames, 2 borders and 6-8 unique elements to add to the word art, frames and borders. I don't know why, but I just didn't have very much creativity with this week's kit. I don't know if it was the theme or the colors or what! Anyway, here is the kit below and you are welcome to click on the image to be taken to the download page if you so desire! If you do download it, I would love to post your layout here on my blog!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Under Construction!

I know the blog is a bit flawed right now. I am working on getting the double border off of the right side! It is a process of trial and error for me since I know nothing about html! Be patient with me! If you have any suggestions, I would be very grateful!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tropical Paradise Layouts

I thought I would share some layouts I made using my Tropical Paradise kit, even though these are not "Tropical" related pages, lol! At least this will let you see that you can also use the kit for other things besides "beachy" pictures! TFL!

To Grandma's House We Go (below) Font: Andy font

Michael Turns 8 - Fonts: Mom's Typewriter for title and Michelle for journaling.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tropical Paradise

Here is a page I did using my new kit, Tropical Paradise! I would love to post your layout using my kit!

Tropical Paradise, Freebie for You!

Well, I am glad this kit is done! WHEW!! The elements were killers! Can you say, EXTRACTION! I did a lot of that with this kit! But, I am pleased with the results! Click on the preview below to go to the downloads. There are 4: one elements and 3 papers.

If you download, comments would be appreciated! If you use it, send me an 8x8 @72 dpi and I'll post your layout here!

Have fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Waiting for Spring

I want to share some layouts with you that were made with my kit, "Time Began in the Garden." The first layout was created by a good digi friend of mine, Lorilee Guenter, who hangs out at Digital Scrapbook Pages dot com like I do! The font she used for her journaling is Ziggy Zoe. Very cute! I love the layers Lori used and her placement of the elements! Perfect page! Thanks, Lori, for the way you used my kit! I hope you had fun using it!

The last 3 layouts are ones I did for my Project 365 blog. I am very happy with the way I have been able to use the elements in this kit!

You can still download the kit free of charge. I would love to post your layout, too!

Week 2 has begun of my design class. We are focusing on elements this week. I am trying to mix and match the preset shapes in PSE6 to create unique elements! It isn't as easy as I thought it might be! We will see what I come up with!


Fonts used: Brock Script (title and date) and Bradley Hand (journaling)

Fonts used: Brush Script (title) Bradley Hand (journaling)

Fonts used: Bodoni BT (title) and Bradley Hand (journaling)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time Began in the Garden - FREEBIE!

First of all, I want to say THANKS to all of you who gave me some names for the kit, here and via e-mail! I appreciate it very much. I didn't choose any of the names suggested, but because a garden was the main thought, I chose the name "Time Began in the Garden."

Now for the surprise! I'm going to give the kit to all who want it and will use it! If you click HERE or click on the preview you will be directed to the Media Fire folder that contains 4 zipped files for the kit. Just click on each file and you will be directed to the download. Sorry that I had to create so many folders, but I have been having DSL failure all day today! What a pain! We have a service call in, so hopefully on Monday, whatever the problem is will be solved!

So, if you use the kit, please send your 8"x8" @72 dpi (576 x 576 pixels) layout to: and I will upload them here for the world to see! LOL!

ENJOY! Have a blessed Sunday!

BTW, stay tuned because I will be decorating this blog with this, my very first kit! WOOHOO! How exciting for me!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Designing!

Or, at least, I'm trying to! It took me forever to get this kit together this week! I signed up for free Designing classes at Brownie Scraps and received my first "assignment" this week! I got a late start because we were in Florida the first part of this week! Then, when I got started, I had no idea what the tutorial was telling me in how to create papers! I tried and tried and tried again! I finally got some of it. Still not exactly the way I was instructed! But, I guess they look OK. Then I had to create some elements. The birdhouse was the absolute hardest!

So, now I need your help. I need a name for this kit. Got any ideas? If you give me a suggestion and I choose your suggestion as the name of this kit, I will give the kit to you for free! The catch is that I need the name before this Sunday, April 5th! YIKES! Sorry for the short notice! Leave me a comment with your suggestion(s) and I'll get back to you on Sunday! So, stay tuned! And, thanks for the suggestions in advance!