Sunday, February 26, 2012

LO using Love, the Greatest of These Addon

Yep!  I did it!  I made my first page using my new CS5!  It was different than what I'm used to with PSE, but I managed!  I have to say that PSE seems to be more user friendly, but what do I know, LOL!  It's only my first page!  Everything in PSE is automatic.....not so much in CS5.  The thing I noticed in creating this page is that you cannot just click on an item in your layout to move it around.  You must have the layer selected first!  In PSE, the layer is selected as soon as your cursor clicks on the object you want to move.  Plus, I ended up with "smart" objects and so far I'm still too "dumb" to know what "smart" objects are!  :D  I'll figure it out eventually!

Anyway, I used my newest product in the "Love, the Greatest of These" series, the Addon.  When I saw this picture of my granddaughter on my daughter's facebook page, I just had to steal it, if you know what I mean!  :D  All of the "Love, the Greatest of These" products are on sale this month, so you better hurry to get them as you only have a couple more days!

You can just click on the layout for the link to the whole line of products.  And to let you in on a little secret, if you buy the bundle, it's the same as getting 50% off of the whole kit and caboodle!  Plus there's a freebie in the store, on my facebook page and a freebie if you sign up for my newsletter exclusives that ALL coordinate!

Thanks for stopping by Today!  Scrap those memories before they fade away!  I did!  :D  Please use the buttons below to share, if you wish!  And, THANKS!

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