Friday, February 3, 2012

Love, the Greatest of These on Sale

February is the month of celebrating Love!  Love of our Heavenly Father, love of our neighbors, love of our family.  Love is so twisted in this day and age.  Mention love and the first thing that comes to some peoples' minds is sex.  That should N.E.V.E.R. be the first thing in a relationship.  True love is so much deeper than a physical relationship.  Love starts in the heart.  It started in the heart of God before the beginning of time!  God loved you and me so much that He sacrificed His perfect Son so our sin could be removed when we put our faith and trust in Him and repent (agree with God about our sin and turn from that sin in the opposite direction toward God).  I hope and pray that you share in that eternal love that is found only as you trust in the death of Christ on the cross as complete payment for your sin.

Love for our families and friends is one of the things we, as scrappers, love to show in our pages.  Why don't you show me some of that love by participating in the Designer Elements Challenge at Digitals that I am hosting this month.  I created a special little freebie for you to use in your layout and there are other freebies around that coordinate with it, namely on my facebook fan page and in my current newsletter exclusive gift when you sign up in the right column of my blog.

To honor Love this month, I am running all of my Love, the Greatest of These products at a reduced price for the entire month of February.  Be sure and take advantage of the sale.  If you are interested in all of it, buy the bundle which is 50% off of what you would normally spend on every product!  Here is the link to see all of them in the store.  The previews follow below but are not linked.

Thanks for stopping by Today!  Scrap the love of family and friends before the memories fade away!

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