Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beachful Bliss Bundle - 30% Savings

The May C.A.K.E. @ $1.50/slice is over now.  But, I have bundled my portions together so that you can still get them at a 30% savings over the price of the individual slices!  Just click on the preview to find it in the store.

I wanted to let you know that DH is doing very well after his cancer surgery to remove the cancer in his neck and the 3 lymph nodes (behind his ear and near his collar bone).  He said he is a bit more sore today and felt "draggy."  We have been running back and forth to the hospital to visit one of our members who had surgery, so hopefully with tomorrow being DH's normal day off, he can rest more than he has the last 2 days (after we make our usual run to our 3 regular thrift stores, that is!  :)

Thanks so much, once again, to all those who have prayed for him before, during and after the surgery.  We are still in prayer that the Lord will see fit to heal the cancer completely and that there is no cancer in the lymph nodes they removed.  If you think of him, will you join us in that prayer?  We will find out on his follow-up visit on June 5th.

Thanks so much for stopping by Today!  Don't take your loved ones for granted!  We don't know how long we have the privilege of having them in our lives!  So, be sure and scrap those memories today before they fade away!

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