Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not Much To Do About Nothing.............

Well, I'm in a designing inspiration...............nothing happening!  I guess we all get that way at times.  I've even purchased new scrapbooking magazines to "stir the emotions!"  Nothing happened!  {sigh}  I haven't even been doing any scrapbooking!  I am MONTHS behind on my 365 project, too!  {sigh}  I haven't even been taking pictures every day!  {sigh}  That is bad, especially considering I'm known by some members in my family as the "crazy camera lady!"  {sigh}  I'm looking for a miracle within the week for some BURST of energetic inspiration since the new month is looming on the horizon!  I pray it comes!

Though I haven't been inspired to do any digital designing work, I have been inspired by some crochet patterns I found free on the internet!  My dad used to say, "If it's free, it's for me!"  And since I am not working, I have really adopted that philosophy!  I have a new granddaughter and will have another grandson arriving in November, so I've been surfing the web for free sewing/knitting/crocheting patterns.  I have found several of each that I will be working on in the near future...........I have to begin soon because I'm bad about waiting too long on these types of projects!  Anyway, I did stay up all night on Thursday to finish this little set for my granddaughter!  I found a dress pattern and tweaked it a bit to make a little summer outfit.  The top on the pattern was solid, so I decided to open it up a bit and added the little flower button.  Then I searched the web for a pair of bloomers to go underneath.  The pattern was for some "soakers" that I changed a bit to give the ruffle to the legs.  I will probably tweak it some more because I don't like the joining seam in the very front.  Then I found a headband and some sandals and Voila!  I have a cute little summer outfit for our new little Abigail!  I used the kit I created in her honor, "Abigail."  You can find it in the store by clicking on the layout!  So, while I haven't been digitally motivated, it hasn't all been a loss!  :)

Thanks for stopping by Today!  And if you have some "inspiring" ideas, please leave me a comment!  I'd like to follow up on them!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Vicky! I can relate!!! Get out of the house, read a good book on creativity (I'm reading Twila Tharp's), do something other than scrap (I'm sewing today, you're crocheting), go to coffee with a friend, check out the links on creativity that I posted in the Faith Sisters' forum. Browse Pinterest. Take a break!
    I need to get caught up on P365, too. I'm 2 weeks behind. I hope to get up-to-date today, but so far it's not looking promising (I'm taking out a faulty buttonhole instead!)
    I love love love your little baby items--well done!