Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Designing!

Or, at least, I'm trying to! It took me forever to get this kit together this week! I signed up for free Designing classes at Brownie Scraps and received my first "assignment" this week! I got a late start because we were in Florida the first part of this week! Then, when I got started, I had no idea what the tutorial was telling me in how to create papers! I tried and tried and tried again! I finally got some of it. Still not exactly the way I was instructed! But, I guess they look OK. Then I had to create some elements. The birdhouse was the absolute hardest!

So, now I need your help. I need a name for this kit. Got any ideas? If you give me a suggestion and I choose your suggestion as the name of this kit, I will give the kit to you for free! The catch is that I need the name before this Sunday, April 5th! YIKES! Sorry for the short notice! Leave me a comment with your suggestion(s) and I'll get back to you on Sunday! So, stay tuned! And, thanks for the suggestions in advance!



  1. Great new kit Vicky. I love the color palette. Here are my suggestions:

    Spring Fling
    Spring Special
    Welcome Spring

  2. Wow Vicky! Very pretty! I am not great with kit names but wanted to to let you know I am thrilled to see you expanding to design with the talents God gave you!

  3. Congrats Vicky for taking the plunge, it's a lot of work huh? Super job on your first venture! How about:

    Spring's Preview
    Bright and Sassy
    Shout Out - Spring!

  4. This is lovely Vicky, How about Flower Garden.

  5. how about "the colors of spring" or "the colors of fun"